Home Theater Vs. Movie Going

A Home Theater Will Save You Money

One of the biggest reasons that home owners shy away from installing a home theater is the fear of the costs involved. However, when you actually sit down with a pen and paper to crunch the numbers, a home theater will actually help you save money very quickly compared to going out to movies.

Movie Going Expenses and Costs

The good ol’ days of going to a movie theater and catching a movie for a couple bucks are long gone. With ticket prices at $10 per ticket and on the rise you are looking at $20 or more, depending on how many people are with you, just to get in the door.

Here is a breakdown of expenses and costs involved with going out to the movies for a 3 person family:

Gas: $20
Dinner: $50
Tickets: $30
Soft Drinks: $12
Candy / Snacks: $12
Total: $124

The numbers above were calculated for a family of three people (wife, husband, and one child). For larger families this number could go up drastically and could get up to well over $200 for one night out.

Now let’s take a look at the expenses for the basic family for an entire year.

Once per month: $124 x 12 = $1488 per year
Twice per month: $248 x12 = $2976 per year

Again, for larger families this number would be much higher. Some could even be spending over $5,000 per year. Maybe even more if they need to hire a babysitter for children that are too young to bring to the theaters.

Having a home theater, you will find that you will be saving a lot of money by watching movies at home.

Other Benefits of A Home Theater

If spending quality time together as a family is important to you then one of the biggest benefits of having a home theater is bringing your family together. A home theater is an investment for everyone involved and many families find that this is a great way to enjoy a night at home together.

Cost Of A Home Theater System

Prices on home theater equipment can start from a few hundred bucks to a couple thousand depending on the type of products you want, size of the television, whether you want a flat panel TV, projector screen or both, and much more.

Home Theater Consulting and Installation

If you are in the Macomb, MI or surrounding areas and are considering a home theater but not sure where to start contact us to learn about how we can help. We can come to your home, help you decide on the type of equipment needed and purchasing, design your room setup, install your equipment, and much more.