Remote Viewing Setup For Android

The following tutorial is for Android devices
iPhone tutorial coming soon

If your cameras are set up to remotely view online using a smart phone or other device that can connect to the internet then you can view them on your phone, tablet, etc… The first thing you will need to do is go to your Google Play Store and download the Speco Player App.

After you get the Speco Player app installed on your device follow the below steps:

1. Open the Speco Player app on your device.

2. Tap on “Live View / Playback

3. Step 3 varies depending on the type of phone you have. Some have a “ADD” button in plain view. Others may have a circle with 3 dots in it that you need to tap to view the “ADD” button.

4. After you find the “ADD” button tap on it.

5. Enter the following information:

  • Register Mode: DDNS
  • Device Name: Cameras (or any name you want to name it)
  • DDNS: MYDDNS (replace MYDDNS with your own)
  • Port: 5445
  • Username: USERNAME (replace USERNAME with your own)
  • Password: PASSWORD (replace PASSWORD with your own)
  • Click the “ADD” button to add your device on the app.

6. After you add your device to the app it should now be ready to view. Tap on the device name and then tap on the “START” button. Your cameras should then appear on your phone.