Safe Installation

Commercial and Residential Safes

When buying a safe the most difficult part is getting it to your home or place of business. Safes are very heavy so moving them around can be dangerous. RSI offers professional delivery and installation of your safe. We provide commercial and residential safe installation services in the Macomb and surrounding areas.

Types of Safes

The type of safe you need depends on the items that you would like to protect. For things like important documents you would want a fire proof safe. Rifles, guns, and other firearms would be kept in a gun safe. For items that you want to hide you would keep them in a floor safe.

Wall Safes

Wall safes are the most popular kind of safes. They come in many different shapes and sizes to allow storage and safe keeping for just about any type of item. Many people like to keep them exposed because they look so nice but they can also be covered up with a photo, painting, or anything else that you can hang on the wall to hide them.

Floor Safes

Floor safes are a burglar’s worst nightmare. This is because they can be even with the floor for easy hiding, encased with concrete on all sides and bottom, and not to mention very heavy. No one will be ripping a safe out of the floor and taking it with them.

Gun Safes

As a gun owner one of your responsibilities is to keep your firearms in a safe place. While you want to keep your gun safe from small children you also want to make sure that your gun safe is a quick access safe so that you can get to your firearm as quickly as possible if you need to.

Installation Service

If you are looking to buy and install a safe in your home or place of business contact RSI to learn how we can help you keep your important documents and items safe, secure, and protected.