Home Automation For New Construction

New Construction Home Automation

Pre wiring is done in the home at the stage when the walls are put up but before the drywall gets put in place. A little pre-planning during a new home construction can not only save you a lot of extra work down the road but increase the value of your home which will come in handy if the time should ever come that you wish to sell.


If you’re a builder then pre-wiring for home automation will give you a very competitive advantage in the new home market.

Realtors report homes that are pre-wiring are much easier to sell these days than homes that are not. No one wants to buy a home and then have to spend money to get it ready for home automation.

RSI Pre Wiring Services

If you’re building a new home in the Macomb, MI or surrounding Michigan areas contact us to learn more about how we can pre-wire your new home so it’s ready for home automation.