Business Security Camera Installation

Business Video Surveillance

Business owners are facing many challenges these days and one of the biggest ones is the safety and security of their business. Not only are they faced with break-ins and burglaries from complete strangers but they are also vulnerable to employee theft as well. Between problems like employees stealing inventory and non productivity the average business can lose up to 15% of their profits.

Losses not only come in the form of inventory theft but also from incorrectly reporting hours, abuse of resources, and the loss of customers through bad employee behavior towards them. If you own a business and have employees you are most likely losing revenue due to some or all of the reasons above.

Remote Video Monitoring

With real time remote video monitoring you can view live video of your place of business on your iPhone, Tablet, SmartPhone or computer. Keep an eye on your business, employees, and inventory from anywhere you want without having to be on-site at all times.

Installation Services

Theft and low employee productivity can be greatly reduced with a well designed and properly installed security camera system. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your business security camera installation and remote video surveillance project.