Preventing Customer Theft

Security Monitor View Loading TruckWith A Security System You Would Have Video Evidence Of Customer Orders Going Into Truck

Customers May Be Stealing From Your Michigan Business

If you own a business that sells products or goods to consumers or other businesses you most likely get those dreaded phone calls from your customers saying that they did not receive their full order. If you are just taking their word for it and shipping them extra orders then there is a good chance your customers are stealing from you and costing you thousands of dollars, if not more, each month.

Let’s face it. Not everyone is honest. Even business owners are dishonest and will lie to get things for free and not have to pay the full bill. A small investment for the right equipment will help you drastically cut down on this problem and save you and your business a lot of money each year.

Customer Theft Costs Your Business A Lot of Money

Let’s say a customer orders 2 boxes of your product. You put it on your shipping truck, seal it, and send it off. A couple hours later your customer calls and claims that you sent him only 1 box and shorted him a box. Since you really have no choice but to believe him you send him another box free of charge which just costed you an additional $500. Most likely, you have more than one customer that does this. So this problem would add up pretty fast. If an average of 3 customers each month did this that would be $1,500 in lost profit each month. For a year that would be $18,000 in lost business profits. Of course these figures can be much higher depending on the cost of your products and how many dishonest customers you have.

How To Stop Customer Theft and Save Money

Installing security cameras in your stock area and truck loading zone will help cut down, if not totally eliminate it, theft being committed against your business by your customers. When having cameras installed that monitor and record in those areas you will have video evidence that your customer’s full order was placed in the delivery truck, sealed, and shipped off.

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