Can I Lease A Security System For My Business?

Can I Lease A Security System For My Michigan Business?

If you’re a business owner and don’t want to invest in thousands of dollars in a security camera and surveillance system that does not mean that you have to let your business be left unprotected. In fact, many businesses lease their security equipment instead of outright purchasing it.

Benefits of Leasing A Security Camera System

The biggest reason that businesses are installing security system is to help them save money. A surveillance system can help a business save a lot of money throughout the year in the following ways:

All businesses, from the local grocery store to banks, have theft problems. By having security cameras in your place of business not only would you deter theft from customers but also insiders such as employees.

A surveillance camera system will allow you to monitory your employees at all times without you actually having to be in the same room with them. No more paying employees for taking extra time for breaks or for slacking off on their duties as an employee.

Internet Viewing
Many security systems will allow business owners to view their place of business on their phone or tablet from anywhere in the world where they can get an internet connection. No need to be at your business to be able to monitor it.

Benefits of Leasing Vs. Buying

Cash Flow
Making small monthly payments is much easier than paying a large cash lump sum out of pocket. While leasing you can let the security camera system pay for itself instead of waiting years to break even.

Low Down Payment
Simply pay your first and last month’s lease payments upfront. This could be as low as only $198.00 if you lease with RSI.

Free Installation
Many installation companies, such as RSI, will install your surveillance system for no additional charge.

If your leased system becomes obsolete or out of date it would be replaced with newer and up to date equipment when your lease is renewed.

Should your leased system malfunction or stop working it can be fixed at no additional charges.

Secure Your Business Now

If you are looking for options to help protect your business and save money contact RSI Audio Video Security today to learn about all of your options. We have solutions to work with all types of businesses with just about any budget.