Tips For Saving Money On Your Heating Bill This Winter

Michigan Winters

Winter time is just around the corner. As we all know, Michigan winters can get very rough with the cold and snow. Many families pay high heating costs in the winter months. But that doesn’t have to be the case. A couple minor changes to your home and you could be saving a lot of money during those cold snowy days of the year.

Ceiling Fans
When most people think of a ceiling fan they are thinking of only hot summer days when the fans are used to help keep your home cool. But ceiling fans are also useful for the winter months too. Since heat rises it now longer keeps you warm once it reaches the ceiling. By having a ceiling fan installed it will blow the heat back down towards the floor. This will help keep the heat in your rooms for a longer period of time. When you can recycle your heat like that it will allow you to stop cranking up the heat thermostat which allows you to cut down on your heating bill.

Plastic Window Insulation
If you have old windows they are most likely allowing much of your heat to leave your home through them. You can seal them off by installing plastic window insulation to help save on your heat bill.

Unused Doors
If you have a back door or side door that is never used in the winter time then you can seal it off with plastic insulation to help you save money on heating.

Keep The Thermostat Down
During the day dress warmer and keep the heat turned down low. At bed time turn the heat back up a little bit so you can sleep in a warm bed. Or vice versa if you prefer. This can help cut your heating down quite a bit over a long period of time.

Open Fireplaces
If you have an open fireplace keep it sealed off whenever it’s not in use. A fireplace will create a draft and suck up all of your heat.

Heating Vents
Keep heating vents clear from rugs, tables, and other furniture so heated air can circulate efficiently. You can close off vents to any rooms that are not in use. No reason to heat a guest room if there is no guest to stay in it.

Cooking Oven Heat
After baking a cake, cookies, or using the oven for whatever reason leave the oven door open so the heat can flow into the kitchen and other parts of the house. No sense in letting it go to waste.

Basement Ceilings
Basement ceilings are also your floor. When the basement is cold in the winter time it will cause a lot of cold to up through the floor if it’s not properly insulated.

Attic Floors
Your attic floors are also the ceilings to where you spend much of your day. Your attic floor should be insulated so the heat in your home doesn’t easily go through your ceiling and into the attic.

Crawl Spaces
Seal off the entrance to your crawl space during the winter months. If you can’t seal it off be sure to insulate the entrance and any other part that connects with the main living area of your home to prevent any heat escaping into it.

Home Automation
Home automation control is something that will save you a lot of money over time. Home automation will allow you to control your heating thermostat from any smart device no matter where you are at. So instead of keeping your heat on high all day, when you’re not home, to heat an empty home you can simply keep your thermostat on minimum and then turn it up higher when you’re just about to come home. This way you can come home to a nice, warm, and cozy home and not have to keep your heat up.